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Distance, elevation, gpx traces, categories, rules, fees, you will find here all you need to know to prepare your race.

*Courses routes are subject to change anytime due to potentials roadworks.

Gran Fondo



09:30 | Mondorf-les-Bains





155 km



1750 M/D+

Medio Fondo



10:15 | Mondorf-les-Bains





90 km



850 M/D+

*Courses routes are subject to change anytime due to potentials roadworks.

Categories & qualifications

Only those participants aged 19 (born before 01.01.2003) and above can qualify for the UCI World Granfondo Championships which will take place in Sarajevo from 6th to 10th October 2021. The different categories are defined in accordance to the cyclist’s age dated on 31 December 2021. If the qualified cyclist for a particular age category passes into a next age category in the following year, they will automatically move into the correct age category at the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

Attention, riders who race for the qualification of the UCI GRAN FONDO World Championships have to register in the following categories:

  • The men in categories M 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 have to ride the long course of 160 km to qualify for the finals of the Gran Fondo World Series.
  • All women categories, as well as men categories M 8, 9, 10 have to ride the short course of 90 km to qualify for the finals.

All men and women cyclists who have not accumulated any UCI points will be eligible to be classified. Men and women cyclists who have UCI points may participate but will not be classified. Active professionals are admitted upon invitation but will not be classified.

CAT. 119 – 34M1 – 160 kmW1 – 90 km
CAT. 235 – 39M2 – 160 kmW2 – 90 km
CAT. 340 – 44M3 – 160 kmW3 – 90 km
CAT. 445 – 49M4 – 160 kmW4 – 90 km
CAT. 550 – 54M5 – 160 kmW5 – 90 km
CAT. 655 – 59M6 – 160 kmW6 – 90 km
CAT. 760 – 64M7 – 160 kmW7 – 90 km
CAT. 865 – 69M8 – 90 kmW8 – 90 km
CAT. 970 – 74M9 – 90 kmW9 – 90 km
CAT. 1075+M10 – 90 kmW10 – 90 km

If you choose not to race for the qualification for the World Championships, then you can register for the distance of your choice!

All participant, riding for the qualification or not, are allowed to start in their respective age category start boxes.

For those who would like to take the start with friends of other age categories or who simply want to start a little bit slower can register for the leisure ride.

The Schleck Gran Fondo is a mass cycle event open to all participants, license-holders or not, over the age of 18. Minors may participate on the shorter course upon presentation of parental consent at the packet pickup.


Start procedure

3… 2… 1… Go!

All the qualifications riders will start in Age Categories from the youngest to the oldest. Each age category has a unique color on the Bib Number serving as identification tag.

There are 10 different age categories for both men and women. The riders of the 90 km and 160 km track will start separately.

Race rules & regulations


As participant of the Schleck Gran Fondo, you commit to respect the environnement and the natural areas visited. It is strictly forbidden to leave any type of waste on the course.

Participants of the Schleck Gran Fondo must be aware of all the Rules & Regulations which include timekeeping and rankings, time limits, equipment allowed, safety, medical and personal assistance and other important topics.

Key points

  • Ride on the right hand side of the road
  • Respect traffic signs
  • Respect traffic lights if there is no marshal present
  • Respect other road users (not involved in the event)
  • Ensure your own safety and speed control
  • Wear a hardshell helmet at all times
  • Wear your bib number on your back
  • Position your frame plate on the front of your handlebars
  • Respect the Luxembourgish Traffic Regulations. The roads are at any time open to traffic.

Team Challenge

For 2021, we’ll be holding a prized competition for teams.
Grab at least 7 of your favorite riding buds, friends, or co-workers and form a team to compete on the Medio or Gran Fondo course. Team members must all participate in the same distance category. Results are determined based on the total of the 5 fastest team times based on chip time.

Important: Team Challenge participants are also taken in account in the individual ranking and have to start in their respective age categories


We are determined to implement any health measures imposed by the government authorities at the time of the 2021 event. We will treat any such measures as a further organizational challenge.

For any person wishing to take part in the Schleck Gran Fondo, it is compulsory to present to the Organizer a CovidCheck certificate (EU Digital COVID Certificate – EU DCC) in digital or printed form.

More info

Registration fees

Registrations on site are not possible.

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results & pictures

The photographers of Sportograf will be on the course and at the finish to ensure you some amazing pictures of you during all stages of the event. 

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