Ride with your boss

Cycling and business have many in common. Both require teamwork and trust to reach their objectives.


Drop your suit, grab your bike and pedal together to promote wellbeing, staff development, business growth or fundraising. Surprise your staff and organise a team building with Fränk Schleck. Luxembourg, Belgium, France or Germany, choose the destination and the length of the event , we take care of the rest.

Types of corporate x-perience

Start the day on your bike and enjoy a well deserved lunch afterwards or enjoy a cycling afterwork followed by a memorable dinner. Introduce your staff to cycling with an easy and friendly ride.

There is no greater feeling than the one when you reach a challenging  objective. Together we set up the perfect goal for your team. From colleague to team mates, the positives of that ride will be undeniable and long lasting.

Forget the meeting rooms and let the road be your office for 3 days. Achieve the impossible, reach the top of a mountain with your team. You can also use this challenge to support a charity of your choice.

Quote request

Based on your objectives, availability and collaborators, we tailor the perfect team building x-perience that fits your budget.