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Every plan include the following:
Information form | Introduction session | Individual planning | Race preparation & analysis | Muscle strengthening plan | Access to Schleck Peloton | Fieldtest / FTP | Streching plan | Group training session

*By subscribing to our training plan, you acknowledge that your subcription will auto renew every month until you cancel it through your account.
You can cancel your subscription up until one month before your next renewal.

They trust Fränk

Meet some of the atheletes that joined the team and are now coached by Fränk Schleck. 


Dan in a passionnate cyclist who loves to compete. Each year he joins no less than 10 cycling events all over Europe. His training roads are in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. He joined the training program in 2019. The coaching taught him to be patient.

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Why did you decided to subscribe to a coaching with Fränk Schleck?
Before I never followed a specific training. I was training myself based on how I felt and my own knowledge. I was looking for a structured training programme. Something that could fit me perfectly, tailored to my needs. The coaching offered by Fränk Schleck was exactly what I was looking for.

What were you first impessions?
At the begining, I thought it wasn’t hard enough. It felt almost too light for me . But Fränk taught me that to train properly,you first need to get solid bases. It was a necessary step to build the right training plan for me. I realised that I used to train too much and therefore I was exhausting myself. I learned to be patient. Now, each bike ride is balanced. I can feel that it’s exactly what I need, not too much, not too short.

When did you see the first results?
When I started the second block of my training, I felt really stronger. I took part in two races last year and had the best feeling I never had during a competition.
How is it to train with Fränk Schleck?
It’s awesome to know that a pro cyclist looks at your performances. It really motivates you to do your best. skipping a training because you are tired or it’s raining isn’t an option (laugh). Now and then, we go for a ride with Fränk and other people he coaches. It’s nice to meet the others and share a moment on the bike.


Alex is a young cyclist who competes in cyclocross and roadcycling. He trains with Fränk Schleck and hope to one day follow his steps.

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Why did you started to train with Fränk Schelck?

The training offered by Fränk is tailored to each athelete. It’s made for you, based on a professional stress test. Having your personal training plan is the best way to get stronger.

How do you organize your trainings?We selected 2 major events, the National Championship and the European Criterium. My training plan is design so I’m in peak shape when they happen. It’s not always easy to combine training and school. But Fränk is comprehensive and we find ways so I can have a balanced life between cycling, school, friend and family.

Does it motivate you to be trained by a pro?
Of course. Sometimes, when I don’t really feel like training, he comes to get me and we go for a ride together. It’s always nice to hear from his experience.


You are part of a club or you would like to organise a group training session?  Fränk Schleck and his team create custom rides for your team based on your cycling level and wishes. Get stronger, be coached by a champion.

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