X-perience the passion of cycling with Fränk Schleck

Discover all the x-periences available with Fränk Schleck. No matter how hard you ride, find the x-perience that suits you best.

Riders are looking in the direction that Fränk Schleck shows
Fränk designs your X-Perience
Enjoy a private trip, based on your riding levels, your budget and your wishes.
Ride with your boss
Cycling and business have many in common. Both require teamwork and trust to reach their objectives.
Schleck Gran Fondo
Schleck Gran Fondo is a mass cycling event for old and new champions, for those who are just in it...
Family Bike Week
A unique week with Fränk Schleck in the Löwe&Bär resort in Austria. Be coached and face new challenges. Stunning views...
Schleck Gravel X-Perience
Go on a gravel ride with Fränk Schleck by your side
Discover Luxembourg
Great cycling, exceptional food and authentic local experiences. Discover Luxembourg, a cosmopolitan country in the heart of Europe.
Bike Packing
Be ready for a fantastic X-Perience around Luxembourg in complete freedom with your friends, your bike and Fränk Schleck!
Europe Tour
Discover the beauty of Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on a bike tour with Fränk Schleck!
L’étape du Tour de France 2022
Join Fränk and ride your very own Etape du Tour, before the professional racers!
Your musette
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