Schleck Gran Fondo

Find all the information about the next edition of the Schleck Gran Fondo


The Schleck Gran Fondo & Medio Fondo courses offer a unique ride through Luxembourg’s stunning landscapes, including a captivating journey along the Moselle River and its picturesque vineyards.

Gran Fondo 155KM

Medio Fondo 85km

Leisure ride

For participants wishing to set off alongside friends from different age categories or those preferring a more relaxed commencement, the leisure ride is ideal. While it follows the same course as the Gran Fondo, this option allows you to start after the riders aiming for qualification.

Team challenge

Grab at least 7 of your best cycling buddies, friends or work colleagues and form a team to compete on the Medio Fondo or Gran Fondo course. The results will be determined by the sum of the 5 fastest team times. 


As the action unfolds, you won’t have to wait for updates! You can catch all the live results exclusively on our partner’s website, Chronorace.

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